With growing Pressures of Modern Society and target driven Life-styles, the human mind is today under constant pressure to excel or survive under tough conditions. While some people adapt to the stress, it is natural that some buckle under pressure and succumb to the build-up of tensions.

Tensions and Stress can be on account of various factors – Pressures or downfall in Career, Pressure of excessive Studies, Financial pressures, bad debts, Loss of Business or Jobs, influence of Peers and Societies, Mental traumas on account of accidents or personal tragedies such as Molestation, Rape or Death of a close relative or Loss of Physical health on account of Diseases and Infections.

It is vitally important for any individual to recognize this in time before a more severe mental condition is built-up which can lead to to psychological despair leading to further complications in Physical and Mental health.
CIPSA – living up to its philosophy of building up a Health Mind in a Healthy Body is today the first Sports Organisation which is a Pioneer in introducing its Mind Care program. The Mind Care program is under-taken in 3 stages.

A. MENTAL CHECK-UP - Analysing the present state of mind of the individual through counselling sessions. If required, Physical health may also be verified by CIPSA’s on-panel Certified Doctors who check for any physical ailments, if present.

B. COUNSELLING - Counselling through its on-panel Certified Psychologists is provided to the Subjects and phase-wise monitoring is made for progresses made in recovery of the subject back to normal.

C. MENTAL BUILT-UP - Mental Exercises as well as Physical fitness training is provided including Yoga and Meditation to strengthen the Mind and help the Subject bounce back to Life.

Confidentiality in all Cases is strictly maintained under any event. Online CIPSA Mind Care Sessions are also provided.

For further guidance or enrollment, kindly call or write to us at: cipsa3@gmail.com


“It's all in the mind...Make it Strong!”