CIPSA Swimming coaching trains students from the Basic fundamentals of Breathing, Buoyancy development to Complete development of various Strokes. Specialized coaches are available to train students for various Strokes such as Free Style (Crawl), Breast Stroke, Butterfly, Back-stroke and Side Stroke.

Advanced level coaching includes Diving, Under-water swimming, synchronized diving.

Competitive Swimming coaching is also provided by CIPSA 's well trained coaches to enable Students to participate in swimming competitions.

Scuba Diving is also offered for Water Sports enthusiasts at CIPSA facilities.

CIPSA ensures that it's students develop complete confidence in Water irrespective whether its in a Pool, a lake, River or in a Sea. The focus of Cipsa Swimming Training is to be able to "Swim like a fish".

CIPSA also offers advanced training by deploying its Trainers at the Student's Swimming pool.

With its Scientific approach, CIPSA offers it's specialised Hydro-Therapy for recovery from various physical ailments as well as for Weight control.

Minimum age for Swimming - 7 years

“Professional Training to achieve Competitive Expertise, Fitness and Recreation”